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Asphalt Paving Overlay & Repair

If you're looking for a brand new driveway or parking lot Dalco has you covered. Our experts specialize in creating brand new asphalt projects with your vision. If you have an existing driveway or parking lot that is cracking, forming potholes, water ponding, and so forth, no need to worry. Dalco has been mastering asphalt for over 20 years. With an asphalt overlay and/or repairs you will have confidence and pride knowing you will receive a beautiful finished product that will make lasting impressions for years to come.


Asphalt Millings

It may be more cost feasible to install asphalt millings as a parking lot or driveway. Asphalt millings are crushed pieces of recycled asphalt that have been "milled" up with a special piece of heavy machinery called a cold planer or milling machine. Asphalt millings can make an absolutely beautiful substitute for a fraction of the cost with outstanding durability.


Sealcoating & ADA Compliant Striping

Sealcoating is the process of spraying a heavy black tar on an existing asphalt surface. This service has many benefits such as sealing existing asphalt rocks, refreshing the older gray surface to a more rich abundant black, sealing cracks in the existing asphalt, and protecting your investment with preservation.

Striping is the process of adding pavement markers to your asphalt to give clients and visitors direction. We only use FDOT approved traffic paint. Including but not limited to stalls, handicaps, directional arrows, no parking, and so on. We can create and design any message that you may need for your project. We are also ADA compliant!  We offer ADA corrections if your pavement markings are not quite where they need to be. 

Concrete Extraction, Repair, and Replacement

Concrete has been in the world since the year 1849 and rightfully so. It is still a must have in the 21st century. We offer concrete services ranging from sidewalks, curbs, pads, slabs, foundations, and more. If it is concrete we can build it with surgical precision. Dalco has been mastering concrete since the year 1981 for a grand total of 39 years in the industry.

concrete extraction daynite tire.jpg

Hauling & Tractor Services

We also offer material hauling, track loader, and mini excavator services. We can acquire fill dirt, millings, crushed concrete, sand, rocks, and much more! Underground pipe and culvert pipe removal/replacement are also available. If you are needing a concrete apron with a culvert pipe for your driveway, we can help you build it the right way the first time.

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